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Beowulf Essay September 28, 2000 The eighth passage in Beowulf is the most suspenseful and exciting in the story. The character of the monster Grendel, and the bravery of the hero, Beowulf, makes it entertaining and full of torture. The huge killer is changed, by facing his first fear, into a scared coward. Grendel came at night to Herot and attacked the sleeping warriors intending to eat them. After he ate the first man, he attempted to …

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…powerful being like Grendel, the outcome of the victorious was surprising. As Grendel was approaching Herot, he believed nothing was standing in his way. A fiercesome warrior was the only thing that could defeat him. Beowulf showed bravery and strength along with his battle skills to defeat the monster. He may not have been quite as strong as Grendel was, but Beowulf showed him the only thing he has never experienced before, fear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**