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Beowulf and His Great Qualities The story of Beowulf describes a man who has many great qualities. He is known as a true hero, having risked his own life to save those in danger. He has superior physical strength and is highly moral. However, at times, he is a bit foolish. Beowulf is determined to save the townspeople from the evil monster, Grendel. Although he chooses the best warriors he can find, Beowulf is forced …

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…danger. Though beowulf is extremely heroic, he does have a slight charater flaw. He is, at times, greedy and boastful. Seeking money and riches, Beowulf goes to battle with a fire-breathing dragon. He is confident that he can win by using his great strength, but in the end, he dies a horrible death. This goes to show that even the greatest heroes have their flaws, and those flaws can cause them their lives. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**