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The Battles of Beowulf The story of Beowulf relates three of his most important battles. The first was against the monster Grendel, who had been plaguing Hrothgar's land for twelve long years. After slaying Grendel, Beowulf journeys far into the center of the Earth to combat Grendel's mother, who was enraged at the death of her son. Grendel slays her also, returning to the surface as a great hero. After many years as a great …

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…lost this battle, he died nobly, which could be considered a victory in the times he lived. Overall, Beowulf's three major battles were remarkably similar. A true warrior, he fought till the end. His battles were the same and much different at the same time. Of course, they had minor details which differentiated them from each other, but in each and every battle, win or lose, Beowulf ended up with much deserved glory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**