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Beowulf Essay The epic story Beowulf is the most important of all English epics. The story embodies the values and morals of the Anglo Saxon society. The hero, Beowulf travels to Denmark to rescue King Hroathgar from a monster, Grendel that has been plaguing their city for years. Beowulf later kills the monster’s mother in a bloody battle. The reoccurring imagery in Beowulf’s battles and in describing his mail shirt help prove that …

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…shows that he rescued the city by defeating the monster and ripping his arm off. Beowulf’s battles are filled with imagery that describe him as an epic hero. Beowulf’s fights many fierce battles for the benefit of friends. His honor, valor, strength, and bravery were all obvious ideals of the Anglo Saxons. Beowulf dies at the end of the story, killed by a dragon, but is glorified in a huge treasure burial mound.