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Beowulf describes how good will always defeat evil. Even though Beowulf is not even physically capable of beating Grendel he still overcomes him,because he is good. The poem starts out describing this great Meade hall, and there are all these warriors that get drunk there. After the Meade hall is glorified it goes on to tell how there is this great monster. Also this great monster can hear the harps rejoicing from the Meade …

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…the evil that remains. Grendel shows us how humane an animal can be, and yet how inhumane mankind can be. Beowulf gave us a look into Grendelís animal instincts, while Grendel showed him as being emotional and intelligent. Grendel was a very well developed character with a strong sense of determination and free will.4 This all concludes my paper and in my opinion gives a great example of how good will always defeat evil.