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Beowulf The epic poem Beowulf, one of the sources for a Western paradigm portrays Christ as a warrior. The Anglo-Saxon tradions emphasises Christainity as a herioc code, yet sometimes contradicting to traditional Christain values. Is Beowulf a Christain poem? Luke 11:4. Forgiveness, an important virtue in a Christains life. When Beowulf sees his life coming to a close before he faces the dragon, he decides to forgive his enemies. Even though they feel no remores or …

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…ended straightway if God had not guarded me" pg 48. Beowulf and his followers recognize God's power and eternal stregth, they never seem to deny it is there. God is metioned as the "All Knowing God" pg 50, "King of Glory" pg63, "Eternal Prince" pg 63, and "Ruler of Men" pg 62. Christanity seems to be seedes through Beowulf, yet through the poem Jesus Christ is never metioned. The true values and virtues of Christ's life are left out.