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Beowolf is the oldest piece of British literature, and has survived for over thirteen hundred years. Scops passed this epic for two hundred years until it was finally written down by a Christian monk in 700 A. D.. The hero Beowulf continually demonstrates bravery throughout this cartoonistic tale which eventually leads to foolhardiness, a characteristic of the human condition that is still valid today, and leads to his death. This epic is a traditional good vs. …

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…was readily available due its oral tradition of being passed down by scops and later written by a Christian monk. It has universal appeal because it is seasoned with Pagan and Christian connotations about God and fate. And finally, it is a traditional story about good vs. evil. Everyone needs a hero. Everyone struggles. The story of Beowulf touches on every emotion and allows us to identify with the character of Beowulf who is foolhardy.