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Benito Mussolini In my perspective, my biography is based on one of the most interesting men of the 20th Century. My biography would not have been done without the knowledge of Edwin Hoyt. He was the author of the biography based on Benito Mussolini called “Mussolini’s Empire.” This 298-page book describes Mussolini’s rise and fall of the Fascist Empire. Benito Mussolini also known as il duce, was born in Predappio, Romagna on July 29, 1883. …

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…Life being so interesting an all. What survived of Mussolini were his wife Rachele, two sons, Vittorio and Romano, and his daughter Edda, widow of Count Ciano. A third son, Bruno had been killed in an air accident. This was just a brief story about his life, but this why he fascinates me because of his ambition and devotion. This is why I think he is one the most interesting men of the 20th Century.