Benefits of Genetically Modified Food on Society

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Benefits of Genetically Modified Food on Society The issue of genetically modified foods has always been a very controversial one. The cloning of Dolly [the sheep], was hailed as a revolutionary break thought by many in the science industry. Issues surrounding this topic are the ethics, or lack of morals involved in transferring genetic make-up of an organism. Both sides of this argument have strong points, along with questionable ones, making a simple solution impossible. …

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…Modified Foods pose any unusual health risks. From the research, data has been gathered that corroborates that genetically modified foods (GMF) are a convenient and effective means of technology which broads the economy, improves the environment, and addresses world hunger. This practical use of agricultural biotechnology is a positive innovation of the 21 century. Though debate on this contentious issue is constantly arising, it seems the benefits of genetically modified foods far outweigh the opposition's doubt