Benefits of Condom Distribution in High schools

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Benefits of Condom Distribution in Schools With an extremely high percentage of sexually active teens, the United States holds the title of the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and abortion among teens in North America and Europe. Concerned parents, educators, and healthcare workers cannot decide what to do about this alarming problem, caused by unprotected sexual intercourse. Condom distribution in high schools represents an effective way to protect sexually active teenagers from unwanted …

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…education for teens. Making condoms available in schools is one essential element in what must be a community-wide response to the crisis of adolescent pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and the threat of AIDS (“Briefing” 12). Commenting on condom availability, M. Raab said, “The fear that making condoms available to high school students appears to be unfounded. School-based condom availability is a low-cost, harmless addition to high school HIV/AIDS prevention and education that deserves policy consideration.”