Benedict Arnold

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Benedict Arnold’s Raid The purpose and intent of Arnold’s raid was to capture Portsmouth. Controlling Portsmouth would bring him closer to the ruling position in Virginia. The Revolutionary War Raids affected many cities. Norfolk was the first place he raided. It was raided on January 1, 1776. The cities of Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Norfolk were targeted on May 11, 1779. Hampton, Richmond, Westover, Charles City, and Petersburg were hit on later dates. Four ships were used in …

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…into Portsmouth with good health and high spirits. The troops behaved with firmness, perserverance, and a spirit that gave great honor to the veterans.They were very deficient in pilots for the rivers and owe their success in getting up with so much expedition in great measure to the industry, attention and knowledge of Captain William Goodriche. Cap. Goodriche was the only pilot they could depend upon and took unwearied pains by day and night.