Ben Jerrys Ice Cream

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Case Study - Ben & Jerry's 1. What is your assessment of the job Ben Cohen has done as the CEO of Ben & Jerry's Homemade? Do you agree with his decision to relinquish his position as CEO? Why or why not? Ben has done a great job as CEO. From a business standpoint and in view of the company’s mission, I disagree with his decision to step down as CEO. The company’s growth has been …

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…a new CEO was a brilliant marketing ploy. If a great CEO can be found from the contest, then the image of a company run by down to earth hippie dudes could be rolled over into the new management. The new CEO should have a down to earth responsible-activist-who-became-CEO-of-a-big-company-by-writing-an-essay image 8. What changes in strategy or in internal management practices would you recommend to the new CEO? The new CEO should initiate merit bonuses for employees.