Bel Canto teaching style of vocal pedagogy as is described through Cornelius Reid's book "Bel Canto".

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In teaching voice, many instructors have come to use the Bel Canto style. This is the technique by which one learns to produce quality sound by singing quality music. Such a form of pedagogy can be found in many schools of music worldwide. Because the Bel Canto style has become a dominating method in teaching, one must look at the history of the style to understand better how to utilize this method with students. As …

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…Bel Canto style of vocal singing, writing, and teaching was imitated all over the western world and influenced vocal performance and pedagogy though today. It has become one of the most effective styles of teaching vocal technique to produce a beautiful sound. Reid, Cornelius L. Bel Canto. Joseph Patelson music House: New York, 1972, 5. Ibid, 7. Hanning, Barbara Russano. Concise History of Western Music. W.W. Norton & Company: New York, 1998, 186. Reid, 10. Ibid, 15. Ibid. Ibid. Ibid, 17. Hanning, 207.