Beginning with the so called "Enlightenment" this essay briefly describes the origins of criminological thought.

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The Origins of criminological thought The Enlightenment Criminal thought and processes first came into fruition during the enlightenment. This phrase was often used by the writers of the time, who were convinced that they were emerging from centuries of darkness and ignorance into the dawning of a new era enlightened by reason, logic, science, and respect for humanity. The "classical period" is very important as the period provided the first broadly understood theory of criminal …

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…relating the effects of one body of facts on another. Although regarded nowadays with some suspicion or indifference (even in the natural sciences), the search for causes is not being dispensed with altogether. So long as one does not jump to causal conclusions when arriving at statistical correlation's or does not pressure "facts" into some proof of a popular theory, theories of causation can be useful in planning for the alleviation of crime and criminality.