Because I Could Not Stop for Death

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In Emily Dickinson’s poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death,” she uses various types of figurative language and imagery (personification, metaphor, and symbol) to portray the idea that death is not a dreadful event, but actually a pleasant experience. Emily Dickinson uses personification, giving human like qualities to an object or idea. In this poem, death is seen as a gentleman caller. Death is coming to pick her up for a date in …

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…idea by showing it as an enjoyable welcome. Also, people have the idea that the afterlife is a great experience, but Dickinson wants the reader to feel that the eternal life is boring. In the first five stanzas the speaker describes the death as a somewhat fun long ride. Dickinson writes only one stanza on the eternal life where as there is no detail, and it goes so fast there is no time to “live.”