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Many Musicians have found great success through pop music but none more than the beatles. With their ungroomed hair and stylish suits they created an aura that no young girl could resist. Media followed them like no other band before. Being a musician who lives for music I have always wondered how this band started and came to be legendary. Greatly influenced by rock legend Elvis Presley, John Lennon started his first band called the …

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…it over and John wanted Paul to join the band. After a moment's contemplation, Paul replied "Oh, all right" (Goldman 72). Paul lived near a fourteen year old kid named George Harrison. He discovered that George knew dozens more chords than he and John put together (Giuliano 28). George could also pick out actual solos instead of merely strumming (Goldman 75). Paul thought George would be an excellent addition to the Quarrymen and introduced him to the band.