Be Scared for Your Kids

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At the tender age of seventeen, my cousinís life was ended. The uncanny similarities between my cousinís death and the death of Al Sichermanís son in ďA Fatherís Plea: Be Scared for Your KidsĒ brought back the horrifying pain I hoped never to experience again. I was overtaken with the all too familiar sorrow and pain Al Sicherman expressed over the death of his son. While using the dangerous drug LSD, …

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…realize he is dead, and the best way for his death to serve a purpose is for me to tell about it, something I havenít been able to do too often. We must let our kidís know what can happen if they use drugs. ďI wish I could tell you how to warn them so it would work, but I canítĒ (124). We can, however, try. Both Al Sicherman and my uncle have.