Battle of hastings battle techniques

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At around 9.00, William's three divisions began their slow advance up the ridge towards the Saxon line. As the thin line of archers came within range, they loosed their volleys of arrows until their supply was exhausted. This attack was ineffectual in thinning the Saxon line as hoped as firing uphill, most arrows were expended on the shield wall or sailed harmlessly overhead. This attack may have been over quicker than William had intended. There would …

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…ambush. Eustace, uninjured in the initial attack, was about to order a retreat when struck by an axe between the shoulder blades, unable to see his attacker. He died shortly after being taken back to the battlefield. William himself arrived to take command of the situation and beat off the attack before returning to the battlefield. This action, however, took place too late to change the course of the battle, which had already been won.