Battle of Princeton

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The Battles of Trenton and Princeton In the fall of 1776, Washington and his men were camping out in New York City after the defeat they suffered in Long Island. The soldiers shivered around the campfires night after night without shoes, blankets, or winter uniforms. Washington knew that being surrounded by water left him and his 19,000 troops extremely vulnerable to the British with their naval mobility and larger forces. On November 21, 1776 Washington moved his troops south …

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…government sent many supplies the states. Aside from the physical benefits, such as supplies, what these battles did for the American people could not have been bought or purchased. Only with hard work and determination were American people able to say that they were proud and confident. Without this remarkable turnaround the American army might never survived. With these victories the American army was able to hold together and fight for they freedom they deserved.