Basics of Mutual Funds

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In this report I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to get information on how best to invest money for my daughterís college fund. The choices are between Mutual funds or an IRA. Thanks to the research I did for this I have made up my mind how best to invest my money. My main research I did on the IRA is on the Internet through AOL. Through them I found out in …

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…on an average 28.5% return with a Mutual fund. Say I invest $5,000 and I let it ride and itís returns ride. By the time I am 44 years old (25 years after initial investment) I will approximately receive $1,233,972. That is $175,287 higher in 21 years less time. That convinced me that Mutual Funds is where I should invest money for my daughterís education. My next project is to figure out exactly which mutual funds I should invest in.