Basic Computer Construction

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This report will tell you the 10 basic steps to constructing a high powered home computer in under 2 hours. Most people believe that you have to be a rocket scientist to build a computer. YOU DONT! It is very easy. The first thing you will need to do, is get the parts. MOtherboard, Processor, Video card, SOund card, DVD, CD-ROM, Monitor, RAM (SD-RAM) Case, speakers, DVD-EncoderCard, etc.. The next thing you will have to do, is …

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…drive,then you can connect your power, make sure that the YELLOW wire is facing out, then you can connect the IDE/66 connectors to the board and CD-rom or dvd. Then you can put the case on, YOUR DONE!!!!! YIPEEE you built your first computer, You can now go out and start up a business and then take over microsoft and ibm and rule the world and then start a holocost agaist all mac users.