Baseball is our nation's passtime.

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Baseball, also known as the Presidents' Game, is an American trademark. Every American President from George Washington on has had some link with baseball or baseball under one of its earlier names. Not all of them liked the game, a couple of them even disliked it, but for more than a century they have jumped at the opportunity to associate themselves with what has come to be known as the "national pastime." They savored the …

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…Caribbean countries, and elsewhere. Little League, a worldwide organization founded in 1937 for youngsters, continues to sponsor world championships in Williamsport, Pa. College baseball, for many years relatively insignificant, has become a major source of Olympic and professional players. Fan interest peaks each year at the College World Series. Softball , a form of baseball in which a larger ball and a smaller field are required, was one of the most popular recreational sports of the 1990s.