Baseball is in Dire Need of Changes Talks about revenue sharing, salary cap, playoff system, expansion, and realignment

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Baseball is America's pastime and a game that most of us love. However, baseball has hit a crossroads and there are some serious issues that need to be tackled before the game can be fun again. It is time to wake up, realize the problems, and make the necessary changes. The problems that exist in baseball include revenue and profit sharing, re-alignment, expansion, and the playoff system. I feel that baseball should modify these current …

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…the subject and I am very adamant that something is done about the situation, despite the little power I have. Not only being unfair to go on this way, it is unethical to leave two-thirds of the thirty teams in Major League Baseball with no chance to compete. If nothing is done soon, there will be no fans case for baseball, because the fans will be fed up with the ridiculousness of baseball's overall state.