Baseball: Then and Now This is an essay that contrasts the game of baseball today to the game at its origin in the 1800s.

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Baseball: Then and Now "The game of baseball has now become beyond question the leading feature of the outdoor sports of the United States...It is a game which is peculiarly suited to the American temperament and disposition:... in short, the pastime suits the people, and the people suit the pastime"(Charles Peverelly, 1866). Although baseball is still America's favorite pastime, the way it is played has changed greatly since it's founding in the 1800's. Baseball …

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…Baseball today has grown rapidly into a target for cheap advertising and money-making. With the emphasis and importance of baseball on Americans' lives today, it has rapidly grown into America's favorite pastime. Through technological and technique advancements, rule alterations, and the commercialization of the game, baseball has changed greatly from the unorganized backyard game into America's favorite pastime. "I think Little League Baseball is wonderful. It keeps the kids out of the house." (Yogi Berra, 1954)