Baseball Strike

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GAME OVER! "I don't like it. People won't be able to come to these games anymore, and I don't like that". A sad nine - year - old fan voices his concerns on the 1994 major League Baseball strike. The `94 baseball season has come to an abrupt end. Players have ceased play because they feel they are being treated unfairly with the owner's plan to impose a salary cap. Owners are finding it difficult to come …

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…baseball to not collapse but it seems baseball does not care. On labor day of this year, when the players were lounging around their mansions watching television, Oakland A's pitcher Ron Darling said, "What do real people do on Labor Day?", wanting sympathy because of his own boredom. Well Ron, maybe next Labor Day, you will be playing baseball, but the "real people" of this land will be fed up and not watch you play.