Baseball Antitrust Exemption

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MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL=S ANTITRUST EXEMPTION HISTORY In the United States, professional sports are an American way of life and culture. These leagues started out as entertainment for all of its spectators, but progressed into Abig business@ which has allowed team owners to prosper tremendously. Initially, majority of the different professional sports team owners used various methods to restrict players= mobility and salaries and/or attempted to monopolize the sport in some aspect. However, through …

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…other context or with respect to any other person or entity. If such law is not enacted by December 31, 1998 (the end of the next Congress), than this Agreement shall terminate by December 31, 2000 (unless the Association shall exercise its option to extend this Agreement as set fort in Article Y-XVII). In the fall of 1998, Congress acted upon both the club owners and the player's association request through the Curt Flood Act. (Abrams, 313) Sonya Ross, news correspo