Barriers to Digital Convergence

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Barriers to Digital Convergence: This report attempted to portray the dynamics underlying the convergence of computing, communications and content into the digital future. Society looks for the barriers the problems and issues that are retarding this evolution. Many people hoped that by seeking the barriers they could be part of the process of eliminating them and thus enhance the convergence that holds so much promise for the future. This project undertook a great deal of …

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…firms' internal controls over R & D efforts. The report concludes with more discussion of what specific functions and capabilities this new organization should have. References Moore, Goeffrey. (1994), Crossing the Chasm, New York: Harper Business. Moore, Goeffrey. (1995), Inside the Tornado, New York: Harper Business. Moore, Goeffrey., Johnson, and Kippola (1998), The Gorilla Game, New York: Harper Business. Moore, J. (1996), The Death of Competition: Leadership & Strategy in the Age of Business Ecosystems, New York: Harper Business.