"Banking Concepts." Paulo Friere raleted to education.

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Condemning the 'banking' concept of education, where the learner is seen as a passive empty deposit into which knowledge and literacy can be invested, Paulo Freire sought to provide the analytical framework and skills for people to define, challenge, change and make their own development depending on their specific cultural and historical context (261). To do this, the oppressed must be liberated. In this paper, I will discuss how the oppressors can be liberated through dialogue …

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…the students and the teachers ideas are constantly being questioned, revised, and re-formed. This process creates an environment open to the ideas of not only the teacher, but equally important, the student. In an environment of equality, liberation is accomplished, not because it was "given" to the oppressed but because they participated and thus liberated themselves. It is clear that a problem-posing education is far superior to the traditional western concept of education-the banking concept.