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Marriage responsibilities- Hindu- set at birth, many restraints, idea of pativratya or good wife=obeys husband as an inferior (eat after, walk after, sleep after, sit behind). Death of wife before husband leaving many sons is happiest death for women. China- no place for single women, arranged at first menstruation by matchmaker, husbands 10-30 years older, dowry and bride given to husband and family, no more with old family, new boss is mother-in-law, more status …

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…kingdom made happy..//////////Taoism-nature is the center of the stage. The impersonal way of threir universe0 goal= conduct in harmony with Toa. What rises must face ying yang- balancing of powers. The best govt is no govt. Humans are naturally good and free from hostility and aggression but becomes corrupted by society and civilization and by the destines festered by society such as money, power and importance. Do nothing that is not natural or spontaneously.