Ballet, Sleeping Beauty and Ballet Comique De La Reine

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Both Ballet Comique De La Reine and Sleeping Beauty have some similarities of the royal French Court such as costumes, some social dancing, mannerisms and scenery. They were both very expensive and lavish ballets. The first act of Sleeping Beauty is a portrayal of what the royal French courts were like around the same time as Ballet Comique De La Reine. But, both ballets have differences, especially in the time and location of the ballets. …

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…life for all in Russia. Overall, Sleeping Beauty is definitely a fairy tale on stage. The proscenium stage frames the ballet like a live storybook away from the real world and audience. The angelic ballerina's appear too perfect to be real. Although Ballet Comique De La Reine was made to distract Queen Medici's royal court from fighting, the ballet is more realistic. The audience isn't so distant especially since they could dance with the performers.