Baking Powder

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Baking powder is a fine white powder used for making cakes, biscuits, and it is also used in toothpaste (World Book, 1968). Baking powder is normally made up of three different parts: an acid, a base and a filler of some sort. The uses of baking powder are numerous. The key to baking powder is its release of carbon dioxide ( Baking powder has had a long-term mystique in toothpastes, there are varying opinions …

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…. The use of baking powder in cooking is for its quick reaction time. Bubbles of gas get caught in the flour mixture. The heat of baking expands the bubbles. They push against the flour mixture to make it rise (World Book, 1968). Baking powder is a very interesting compound that everyone has in his or her house. Its uses are end less every thing from baking and toothpaste to home made deodorant and air freshener.