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Beethoven/Mozart Music, Ludwig Van Beethoven and W.A. Mozart are the two most important musicians of their time. Their pieces are everlasting and will live on forever. Their styles are so unique and uplifting that they could never be matched. These masterminds played in the same time period but their lives differed tremendously. There are some similarities and many differences between these two but one fact will remain: They are the central and most …

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…and has a greater range of pitch and dynamics. Beethoven's greatest pieces are his symphonies, which can be heard today as often as in his days. Beethoven was a very good innovator with his variations to music. Compared to Mozart, Beethoven tried to unify contrasting movements by means of musical continuity. Often times Beethoven's music would not have a clear ending and were dragged out a bit longer than expected. Beethoven died in 1827, in Vienna.