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Auschwitz During the 1930s, the Nazis built concentration camps to imprison the parts of the population that they desired. At first the camps were located in Germany, but as the Nazi forces spread across Europe, so did the camps. Eventually the camps were created to murder the European Jews. Every day thousands of prisoners were suffocated in the gas chambers, after which their bodies were burned in the crematoriums. In Auschwitz, the most notorious death …

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…site of the main Auschwitz concentration camp in 1946 in remembrance of its victims. By 1994, about twenty-two million visitors, or about half a million annually, had passed through the wrought iron gate that to this days bears the cynical motto: Arbeit Macht Frei Work Liberates. Today, in Oswiecim, Poland, there is a controversial disco bar only one-mile from Auschwitz and on the very site of an SS-run tannery in which hundreds of Jewish slave laborers perished.