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Auschwitz - Nazi Concentration Camp Located thirty-seven miles west of Krakow, Auschwitz was the camp where Jewish people were killed and worked. This camp , out of all the rest tortured the most people. At the camp there was a a place caled the "Black Wall," this was where the people were executed . In March of of 1941, there was another camp that started to be built. This second camp was called Auschwitz II, or Birkinau. It …

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…do anthing though. In the most difficult times, 667 prisoners tried to escape. Only 270 of them made it, and the ones who got caught were executed. Jewish leaders wanted to have the Allied powers bomb Auschwitz at one time. This never did happen though. A group of women at the camp destroyed one of the gas chambers in an uprise. The leaders of the uproar were found and executed on January 6th, 1945. Bibliography Microsoft encarta '99