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In the reading of Aura by Carlos Fuentes I noticed several things, first being the style of writing. Second I noticed that some of his descriptions were very detailed in some areas and lacking in others. Thirdly, although I liked the story idea, I felt that it was highly underdeveloped . As for the book as a whole I found it to be disappointing. Carlos Fuentes’ style of writing left a lot to be desired in …

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…I still think more detail of the events could have been added making the book not necessarily longer, but better; more in depth. The combination of the underdevelopment of the plot and storyline, the lacking of some descriptions, and the irritating style of writing all made me dislike this book. I felt that the story and the characters held so much promise and potential that I was sincerely disappointed by Carlos Fuentes’ Aura. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**