Augustus of Primaporta

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Augustus of Primaporta The statue of Augustus from Livia's villa at Prima Porta is a marble copy of the original bronze statue that celebrates the return of the Roman standards by the Parthians in 53 BCE. The statue was set up in the year after Augustus' death. It is 6’8” tall whereas Augustus was about 5'7" and shows him as a young man in military uniform. Augustus holds a scepter in his left hand, and his right …

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…to the statue to show that although Augustus was powerful and unique, he was still a “common man,” or as he was called, a “first citizen.” His portraits were produced to present the population with the image of a god-like ruler who never aged and was ever superior. Since few in the ancient world had actually seen Augustus, the artists were able to portray him in any way, shape or form that fit the need.