Atticus by Ron Hansen

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One of the main settings of Ron Hansen’s novel “Atticus” , is a town called Resurrection, Mexico. The word “Resurrection” is defined as “the act of rising up after death”. Forgiveness, and the love between the father and son, live again, after this time spent in the town of Resurrection. Ron Hansen ascribes many insightful and detailed attributes to the setting in the novel. He also allows the characters to see Mexico in their own …

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…them. Therefore, Resurrection, Mexico fits into the theme of forgiveness. Ron Hansen uses the setting in his novel “Atticus” to play into the theme of forgiveness. By having the characters see Mexico differently, he contrasts their ideas to serve as a vivid picture. By ascribing exact qualities to the setting, Hansen ultimately uses it as his background, and also an insight into the minds, motives, and feelings of the characters and their themes. Bibliography none