Atlantis the Lost Civilization

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Atlantis: The Lost Civilization Atlantis was a city of great wealth, beauty, and economy. But was it really a city? Did it ever exist, or was it just another great Greek myth? Some researchers believe that Atlantis was similar to the Garden of Eden - a marvelous and magnificent place, until corruption consumed it. Others, the "nay" sayers, believe that it was merely a philosophical device created by Plato to teach the people of Greece …

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…shows that Atlantis is/was in Antarctica. It is obviously a great coincidence that Antarctica's glacier-less land is equivalent to that of Atlantis's - according to a German Jesuit priest of the seventeenth century AD and Flavio Barbieron. Because nobody takes the time to look deeper into the situation, Atlantis's true location will never be found. And the longer it takes people to take this subject seriously, the harder it will be to find Atlantis.