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Atlantis, a place that Plato described as a Utopia, has been one of history’s most intriguing mysteries. Did the island of Atlantis really disappear into the Atlantic Ocean without a trace? Researchers have been trying to figure out what happened to Atlantis or even if it really existed for years. According to legend the rich island of Atlantis somehow suddenly disappeared without warning. The main theory as to why the island disappeared is the …

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…to it ever having existed. Furthermore, present archeological evidence has nothing to support the theory that any advanced or sophisticated civilization existed around 9,000BC. However, one should at least look at the possibility that an island could have existed and then, through a natural disaster, sink to the ocean's floor. It is geologically possible because it has happened before. Then Listen, Socrates to a tale which though strange, is certainly true. ---Plato, Timaeus ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**