Athol Fugard's Master Harold...and the Boys

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In "Master Harold"...and the Boys , Fugard shows us the human potential for racism and social unrest in all of us. Through the use of metaphor, he paints a picture of the present state of human relations. He reveals the psychoses inherent within the human condition that make racism and political strife possible. At the same time, Fugard also reveals how simple it is to resolve humankind's problems of hate, prejudice, and oppression. This simplistic …

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…of relation. On page 60, Willie offers to begin making a change, saying that he will apologize to Hilda and that he will not beat her anymore. He assures Sam that everything will be allright, hoping for better conditions tomorrow. Through this simple act of apology he decides to amend the past by working on the future. Willie gives an example of hope for the championships, and at the same time, a metaphorical hope for mankind.