Athletes and Domestic Abuse

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Athletes and Domestic Violence         A lady calls 911 and cries that her husband is beating her. She wants to file a report, but then asks the dispatcher if it is going to be in the paper the next day. When the dispatcher doesn't reply, she changes her mind about the report and hangs up (Cart). The lady was Sun Bonds, wife of all-star San Francisco Giant, Barry Bonds. Like the wives of other famous players, she …

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…the recent attention means we are now taking domestic violence more seriously, but the victims of abuse want solutions, not publicity. Works Cited Callahan, Gerry. 'Sports Dirty Secret.' Sports Illustrated July 31, 1995: pgs 62-74. Cart, Julie. 'Sex & Violence.' The L.A. Times December 27, 1995: pgs C1-C3. Lipsyte, Robert. 'O.J. Syndrome.' American Health September, 1994: pgs 50-51. Johnson, Vance. The Vance: The Begining and the End copyrighted 1994: pg 83.                  All other quotes were t