Athens vs. Sparta

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Athens Vs. Sparta Athens and Sparta were both City-states in Greece in ancient times, yet they had no social similarities. They were constantly at war, and at one time at a stalemate. They existed in the same time and place, but had totally different views on life and lifestyles. There were differences in the family life of people and paradigm of Athenians and Spartans. Sparta was Drastically unlike Athens and all other city-states in this …

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…view on how we should live, and each can be held as an example of how a community can have a brilliant answer to these questions and its neighbor can have the inverted answer just as brilliant. Works Cited Pearson, Anne. Eyewitness Books Ancient Greece. New York: Afred A Knopf, 1992. Pearson Anne. What do we know about the Greeks? New York: Peter Bedrick Books, 1992. Schofield, Louise. Ancient Greece. New South Whales: Weldon Owen Pty Limited, 1997.