Athens vrs Sparta

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ATHENS vs. SPARTA Athens and Sparta were the two major city-states during the ancient Greece time period. These two city-states were very different from each other in many ways. One reason for this was because the city-states were separated from each other by low rugged mountains. This made travel and communication difficult. The main difference between the two city-states was in their government. The Athenian government had a democracy, while the Spartan government had a …

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…Their favorite gods to worship were war gods. An example is Ares. Athens had different values from Sparta. Another significant value in Athens society came from their emphasis on education. They believed that every citizen once educated could hold public office at some time in his life, which was a highly respected position. Athens believed in the saying "the pen is mightier than the sword" which was the opposite of Sparta's belief. The value of