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Researching A Company The organization chosen for my company profile is AT&T. AT&T is currently ranked no. 10 for Fortune 500 companies. AT&T is run by CEO: C. Michael Armstrong. AT&T is one of the top Telecommunications companies in the world. AT&T's national headquarters is located at 32 Sixth Avenue New York, NY 10013. AT&T's number in New York is (212) 387-5400 and more information on AT&T can be found at their Website …

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…a name for their: latest technology and top quality service, being a major competitive force in the telecommunications market, locations all over the globe, a diverse and heterogeneous culture with a lot of employment opportunities for new graduates. AT&T has been very successful in establishing itself as one of the top Telecommunications in the world. Bibliography Works Cited Locker, Kitty O. "Business and Administrative Communication/ Kitty O. Locker 5th ed.