Assessing Maslow's Pyramid from a Brain-based Perspective

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In order to understand the human condition, one must first understand what it is that motivates humans. It follows that we must then look to the motivator, the brain. The human brain works in such a way as to satisfy a series of needs. Abraham H. Maslow’s theory of human motivation (1954) explains the sequence by which humans move through levels of concentration so as to best satisfy these needs. Maslow’s pyramid (1954), a five-tiered …

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…Although human wants and desires are fulfilled in far more complex manners than a simple level-to-level ascension, Maslow’s pyramid provides a clearer understanding of the basic processes by which the human brain discerns what the conciousness should be most occupied with. Further, once the brain focuses on the object of desire, it may work in such as way as to satisfy that desire and thus ensure that the human being is prosperous and well-adjusted.