Asian Economic Crisis

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For the last few decades, Asia had been the world's economic miracle, achieving remarkable rates of growth and building high-quality manufacturing industries in just about anything and everything. However, since the struggle with collapsing currencies and plunging stock markets beginning in 1995, the Asian Economy has become weak. It is now in a crisis situation, where its financial standing, especially, is at a downfall. Currently, there are numerous retributions facing us. Inflation has occurred; there is …

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…in the standard of living. Shopping for luxuries and even necessities have changed. Because of the increase in cost of most items, we’re subject to buying a lesser amount of the products we would normally purchase bountifully. Food, clothing, and computers, for example, are more expensive than before. Prices have gone up. Therefore, the average family household must cut down on expenses. Something definately needs to be done. However, the solution remains a mystery.