Article about lax gun laws in America.

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I once knew an incredibly talented woman named Gwenyth* who had been blessed with extraordinary intelligence. She had attended an Ivy League school, was a member of the Mensa Society, was coached in refined sports considered appropriate for women, and even hailed from a prestigious lineage. The only problem was that she was crazy. After retaining expensive lawyers she still managed to lose custody to the father of her child, who had tried the case …

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…allows criminals and terrorists to stock their arsenals without requiring background checks or even identification. Alleged criminals and terrorists with histories of violent and criminal behavior are seeking to dismiss firearm charges based on the Bush administration's reversal of the 2nd Amendment. Several instances of avoidable violence due to the ready accessibility of guns and lack of regulation have occurred. I just hope that Gwenyth's firearms are confiscated before she follows through on her threats.