Article Review: "Growing with Inclusion: A Personal Reflection" examines one woman's experiences with inclusion and disagrees (2.5 pp.)

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To date, more and more students with disabilities are being moved out of self-contained special education environments into general education classrooms. This practice, commonly known as inclusion, is a very controversial issue today surrounding educators. The article, "Growing with Inclusion: A Personal Reflection" deals with one teacher's experiences with inclusion classrooms. Although not quite sure where I stand on the issue of inclusion, it is important that we, as educators, listen to both the positive (…

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…are the same and even children that have the same label "are not necessarily similar in ability, personality, or adaptations necessary to the environment". With this said, it is so important to keep an open mind. The idea of inclusion has been around for years. We will probably never perfect the practice, but the more that we indulge ourselves in it, the more we can learn which brings us that much closer to doing so.