Arranged Marriages

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A Study of Arranged Marriages “An Arranged Marriage refers to a situation in which marriage partners are chosen primarily by someone other than the partners themselves. These other persons are usually parents, but they may also be other kin, a matchmaker, or an agency. Because the marriage partners may or may not be consulted, this situation implies a strong sense of family loyalty.” (Patricia Uberoi, p.15) An arranged marriage is a type of mate selection …

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…of arranged marriages in sociology. Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY  Patricia Uberoi, “Family, Kinship And Marriage in India”; Oxford University Press, 1993  A.K. Lal, “The Urban Family” (A study of Hindu Social System); Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, 1991  B. Goswami, J.Sarkar and D.Danda, “Marriage In India” (Tribes, Muslims and Anglo-Indians); Anthropological Survey of India, 1989  “Marriage”; World Book Encyclopedia, vol. 13, p.219, 1991  