Armenian Genocide

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Armenian genocide If you were to overhear the words "extermination of about 50% of a population" in a conversation you would probably think that they were talking about "the" holocaust in Nazi Germany. You probably would not suspect that they were talking about Turkey and the Armenians. During the First World War, the Turks set out to annihilate the entire population of Armenians living within their borders (they almost did). An area known as Historic Armenia …

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…events has accounted for: The proportion is actually less than 6 to 1. Never have these events been taught in our public schools, never have politicians addressed this issue in a serious manner, never has the media done any meaningful coverage of these tragedies, and never has Hollywood created a movie about the mass murders of these innocent people. What else could we have forgotten about the past, and what else will we forget in the future.